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Dr. Dipit Sahu | Specialized Shoulder Surgeon

About Me

Dr. Dipit Sahu

Specialized Shoulder Surgeon

Dr Dipit Sahu is the first Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai to start practice as Exclusive Shoulder Surgeon with an aim to provide Shoulder services for all Shoulder problems with the formation of MUMBAI SHOULDER INSTITUTE™ in Mumbai. He is among the very few Indians to have received formal Subspecialty Training in Shoulder Surgery in centers of excellence in France and US. He is the first Indian to have been formally trained in procedures like Arthroscopic Latarjet, Arthroscopic Suprascapular Nerve release and Reverse Shoulder Replacement. Thus he offers excellent service for treating various Shoulder disorders including but not limited to- Rotator Cuff (Supraspinatus, Subscapularis, Infraspinatus) tears, Recurrent Shoulder dislocations, Gleno-humeral Arthritis, Rotator cuff arthritis, SLAP tears, etc.

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Appointment (Between 02:00 pm – 08:00 pm)
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Or if the appointment number is inaccessible, kindly contact:
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